BMG    Engineering    Group    provides    a    wide    variety    of    comprehensive professional     services     in     structural     engineering     for     commercial     and residential buildings. We    offer    structural    engineering    design    services    to    builders,    general contractors   ,   architects   and   owners.   We   devotes   great   deal   of   attention   to client's needs before we offering any solutions to our clients. We   offer   complete   framing   solutions   backed   by   detailed   calculations   and professional sealed drawings. PHILOSOPHY We   believe   that   the   successful   solution   to   each   project   evolves   from   a thoughtful   and   creative   analysis   of   the   structural   concept,   program   user needs,   and   budget.   We   pair   our   knowledge   with   the   latest   technology   and apply   rigorous   quality   controls   to   ensure   that   only   the   best   work   leaves   our doors.
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